Hoping to bring a little more academia to the spontaneity and leisure of blogging as another person with an English B.A., another educator, another New Yorker, and another musician. Continuing the love of literature and language post-B.A.

Things I wrote about myself:

I like the early morning, when the birds are just beginning to chirp. I have difficulty sleeping when the birds are chirping. I often wonder why hockey players call their heckling each other “chirping.” Now, I wonder about the etymology of “chirping.” If I could have a superpower, it would be to fly.

I’m not as sad as I look.

If I knew the world was ending, I do not think I would do anything differently. I have learned that misheard song lyrics are called mondegreens. To my knowledge, I have never been on television. I have been told that I apologize too much. I find it interesting to consider the subjectivity of emotion. I am guilty of painting the past in brighter colors than the hues in which it truly existed. I think of the lint in my pockets as a reminder that everything decays.

If you’d like to contact me, feel free to do so for any reason via the form below.

Best wishes.


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