Greetings from the Other Side

Hello everyone.  It’s been a while…I know.

They say you need three passions in life to keep you happy and healthy: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to keep you happy. My new job, fortunately, can fall into the most former, and books and music will always be my latter happiness. Of course, I’ll keep reading. Of course, I’ll keep making music. I just need to reshuffle time.

I started a full-time job in academia back at the end of March, so between balancing family things and the new job responsibilities, I’m left with little free time during the week when I would typically do the bulk of my reading and writing. So what does this mean?

Really, it just means this blog is on hiatus. Will I come back to it?  I’d like to. The blog helped keep me sane after graduating…kept my brain moving. I think that’s the key to feeling well. You need mental exercise as much as you need the physical sort.

I’m still surprised my blog receives views on a variety of posts. It’s cool to know it seems to be useful for folks, even if it’s not necessarily recent works.

Far more than that, though, I realize that I met some pretty brilliant people through book blogging, and I’m grateful for that. Thank you for stopping by. Thanks for the support.

Of course, if anyone needs to reach me (or would like to), you can always get to me via the contact page.  I’ll still check it. There’s also Skype and all of that. Or find me on Facebook if you’re willing to do a bit of homework.

Be curious. Be happy. Be healthy.


2 thoughts on “Greetings from the Other Side

  1. Congratulations on the new job! (Or, I suppose, not so new now…) I hope that, in addition to making you money, it provides you with fulfilling work to do.

    I’ll definitely keep an eye on this spot to see if you ever come back from hiatus! If you’re meant to, I know that you will.


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