Thrifty Thursday (May 7)

Welcome to Thrifty Thursdays!

The rules are simple and are as follows:

1. Each week’s link-up will be posted on Thursday.

2. Post or talk about a book you found used (preferably in a book store or thrift shop).

3. The book must cost less than $5.

4. Be sure to return for the link-up! Weird or strange books are preferred.

Ideally, we all would be exploring authors, books, and genres that we never would have considered otherwise. Some of us may find new favorites. Others may just find some laughs. Either way, we’d be supporting independent booksellers who are the backbone of what we do as bloggers. Of course, these books cost money, and posting each week isn’t required, though you’re certainly welcome to do so. An interesting possibility down the line may be picking a subject or genre and trying to find the oddest possible title.

My pick for this week?

The History of Love by Nicole Krauss

Cost: $3.97

The second novel from one of my favorite authors for $3.97?  Absolutely!  I couldn’t resist after thoroughly enjoying Krauss’ first novel, Man Walks Into a Room.  If I had an author soul mate, Nicole Krauss just may fit the bill.  She love to delve into the nature of memory from something of a psychological perspective, and it’s a rather multi-faceted approach that imparts both realism and humanity.  From what I have read, The History of Love is Krauss’ best in the opinion of many, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

Total saved thus far compared to new prices: $33.

From Amazon:

Leo Gursky taps his radiator each evening to let his upstairs neighbor know he’s still alive. But it wasn’t always like this: in the Polish village of his youth, he fell in love and wrote a book. . . . Sixty years later and half a world away, fourteen-year-old Alma, who was named after a character in that book, undertakes an adventure to find her namesake and save her family. With virtuosic skill and soaring imaginative power, Nicole Krauss gradually draws these stories together toward a climax of “extraordinary depth and beauty” (Newsday).

Sounds like Krauss is up to her old tricks with history and memory.  It’s a pretty interesting idea, no?  I always wonder how a person who is the basis for a character or the subject of a dedication feels about such a gesture.  I imagine it’s a bit of a weight, but it must also be moving.  One thing Krauss excels at is details, and, even in this brief description of the novel, you can see how she creates these interesting little details like Leo tapping on the radiator as a sign of him being alive.  Maybe we’re all just tapping at the radiator hoping someone will take notice.  That’s my deep thought for the week.  Anyway…

What did you pick up on the cheap this week?


4 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday (May 7)

  1. Krauss is one of those authors I hope to make time for someday. I see her books everywhere but never seem to pick them up!

    I linked up today and shared how I found some surprise (and cheap) James Baldwin. Thanks for hosting!


    1. Really? I haven’t seen her around at all, and she’s from New York. I was hoping to get into Hunter’s MFA program so I could study under her….unfortunately, the program is incredibly, incredibly competitive. Maybe one day.

      Glad you found something! It’s a pleasure to host. Thank you for participating.


  2. I haven’t heard of this author (I’m pretty bad when it comes to literary fiction but I’m improving) but the premise looks pretty interesting. Props for finding a book by one of your favourite authors for such a cheap price! I always love it when I manage to find great books cheaply.


    1. Nicole Krauss is a pretty recent read of mine, but I love what she does. For a lot of people, she seems to be rather hit and miss. For me, it’s all hit. Time, memory, our legacies…it’s something I’ve thought about since I was a young child, so writing like hers…it’s like having someone inhabit my thought process in the form of a novel.


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