How to Train for a Dewey’s Read-a-thon

You know, now that I’ve completed my first Read-a-thon with a grand total of 1.52 books completed and some 376 pages completed, a lot of people say, “Sal, how do you perform such superhuman feats?”  The answer is simply this–“preparation!”

Why is it important to prepare?  Because you don’t want this to be you.  Nothing isO0Ew0Vz worse than falling asleep midway through a Read-a-thon.  Why?  Because you’re depriving yourself of nutrition and important plot points.  It’s not like you can read any other day.


Worse, a lack of reading will kill you.  Just look at this poor sap.  Didn’t stand a chance…5j3NPOM



Now, do you see the gravity of the situation?  Good, now we can get started.  First thing’s first.  Get yourself a real soundtrack.  No soft stuff.







Now that you have some pumping jams to keep your blood flowing, let’s get ourselves moving.  Shadow boxing is an important start?  Why?  You may find kpmpuyourself in a life or death situation against a grammar mistake, an unsavory aunt, a deliveryman, or a phone call–all intent on disrupting your momentum.  Knock that aunt down the stairs, punch that deliveryman, and karate chop that phone.

Now, it’s also important to exercise your arms and core.  You’ll be supporting the weight of a lot of books throughout the day.  See below for good examples of optimal strength.







Good job!  One whole half of a sit-up!  Impressive!  And look at that determination in trying to get another half of push-up in.


You’ve been preparing for weeks.  The day of the Read-a-thon is upon us!  What can you expect?  More importantly, what advice can I offer?

Be prepared for the emotional roller coaster.






You’ll laugh.         You’ll cry.



Now, it’s also extremely important to prepare nutritious meals and energy-boosting snacks.




The day of the Read-a-thon, I gather together hydrating, hyper-nutritious super foods to keep my body going at optimal pace throughout the day.




Most importantly, keep reading!


Follow all of my tips and tricks, and you’ll find yourself crossing the finish line with pride.









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