NaPoWriMo: A month of poetry? I had no idea!

I was actually surprised to learn April is National Poetry Writing Month.  I had never seen a post or had ever heard anything about it, so I’m sad to see that I’ve missed out thus far.  Still, I can’t let NaPoWriMo go without a contribution, so here’s a poem I wrote a bit of time ago called “Insideoutsideoutsideinsideinsideoutside.”  I’d still like to revise it further, but here’s a draft thus far.  No particular form–just movement.  Of course, I’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback.

Thanks for stopping by, and best wishes.  Happy Friday/early Saturday.


clouds of condensation,
a strict meter, and a beat.

What may loom in the synapses?

It’s simple to argue
as an egoist, but travel
along the nerve pathways
and follow the neurons
to the matter itself.
Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 4.31.25 AM
pigeons on the ledge
don’t care about the time,
chain-smoking, or the distance
between point A and B.
Lift the window and watch
them scatter in every direction
with a flap and a gust
that awakens something inside
from the outside.
inside outsideOutsideinside—
The evening chill slows
the movement of clouds
and neural throes.

Twists and notches agree
they limit the movement
to only single-digit degrees.

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